Brad here and welcome to Fatherhood and Finance!

As a new father (4 months already!) and the primary provider for my family, life if pretty crazy these days.  Most of my time is spent trying to be the best father I can, while also providing financially for my family and managing our finances.  When our son was born in May, my wife and I decided she would stay home with him for the foreseeable future.  That decision has added a whole new dimension to my role as both a father and a provider as we try to balance living on one income with pursuing our financial hopes and dreams.

This blog will hopefully serve as an avenue for me to document my trials and tribulations on the journey of fatherhood and the pursuit of financial freedom.  Whether it be a post about being a parent, financial decisions and milestones, or a combo of all of the above…I hope that you’ll find something interesting along the way and take the time to share your perspective in the comments as well.

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